Thursday, April 15, 2010

Number One.

Here’s the thing… I am rusty with my writing so bear with me if you see errors here and there. I am my worst critic so believe me when I say that it is quite hard for me to start a blog that I intend to share with an audience.

Every few years or so, the universe slaps me with hardships and mind- boggling situations that compel me to take a second look on how I live. The whole process starts out from misfortunate events-- like having no job, failing at a goal or losing somebody important in your life. At this point, you try to fight the all the changes that you didn‘t plan at all. You just want to be back in your comfort zone because you only limit yourself to what you know and what you’re used to. My stubborn nature never welcomed this process, but when I felt that I was losing the battle with change, I slowly caved and let nature take its course. This is what I call Life Detox.

I learned that each and every individual has a certain emotional and mental power that no one can actually measure. If we are pushing circumstances, people and ourselves too much, the universe somehow gives you a strong smack in the face to wake you up before you go overboard. I had this beating again a few months ago, and when I realized that I was due for another Life Detox, I started to write again.

Writing has always been my catharsis. Reading the essays I wrote ten years ago, I realized that I do know a lot about life at a very young age and I have an idea on how I want to live it. Although I was always criticized with my life choices and decisions, life was always good to me that things actually worked out in my favor.

My opinion about a lot of things will offend a lot of people. Most of them are true, and I‘m sure you‘re thinking it too, and you just don‘t want to say it because it‘s just so wrong. J I will talk about these topics a lot because it’s so much fun.

I will also talk about things I love and I am passionate about like relationships, music, traveling, taboo, places, culture, why I won’t quit smoking, being anti-nationalistic, what I truly feel about religious beliefs and living in Dubai.

I won’t be touching too much about my work because it’s pretty straightforward- I serve you food and beverage and I look after your safety from chocks on to chocks off. BUT, I will talk about personalities. I will talk about people I meet, people I love, human nature, and people I find very interesting in a weird kind of way. To avoid being accused of slander, I will try to alter some stories so that the identities of the people I poke fun off would not be divulged. But believe me, I will make sure that I get the important facts straight so you get the point.

That’s it so far. This blog is mostly for the documentation of my thoughts and emotions, not to impose or criticize. And I’m sure if I talk to you face to face, I would agree on most of the things you say even though I truly think it’s a load of crap because I don’t see the fun in debating. So if you don’t like something you read here, stop reading for your sake because I wouldn’t even bother arguing. And there’s nothing worse than wanting to argue with no one to argue with.

Let the games begin!