Monday, April 26, 2010

Funerals are Fun!

The Chinese believe that a funeral is the benchmark of a family's status symbol. They blow off most of their savings just to have a glamorous funeral for all the nosy neighbors to see.

Guest count is also as important as having a pimped- out funeral. The number of mourners is directly proportionate to the family of the dead dude's popularity, status symbol and importance to the community.

So how do they draw the crowd to the boring, depressing tribute for the dead?


This new-age funeral practice is getting more and more common in the provincial regions of China. What ever happened to karaoke or contortionists for entertainment? Who am I kidding, pretty young thangs sexy dancing to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is a sure hit for any crowd, especially that of a male- dominated population! Who says you can't mourn and have a boner at the same time?

And see, the dead dude is smiling in the picture as we speak. Plus side of this, his wife hand- picked the sultriest stripper just for him. There is, indeed, heaven in the afterlife.

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