Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mrs. White

Mrs. White had it going for her. Before the economic crisis hit Dubai, she was one of those expats who lived the dream. A penthouse apartment that had a view good enough for a postcard, a paycheck that can let her party at the most exclusive clubs with the wealthiest people in the world, and a successful career that most Ivy League graduates aim for in their lifetime.

But there was one problem with Mrs. White. Because of the color of her skin, she had people fooled that she is an integral part of her multi- national company. No one actually knew that she was as dumb as a fuck, not even the people working for her. Because she exuded authority, confidence and she always looked the part, everybody thought that she was a good team leader. She thought she was awesome, too. But I saw right through her straight away.

The time I met Mrs. White, she was still on top of her game. She was very aloof, she didn’t talk to anyone who she deems as not her equal. For a person of her stature, she didn’t have good manners either. She would make snide comments for everyone to hear. She was smoking wherever she wants to, even at the dinner table where clearly no one should smoke. She criticized and never apologized for anything. Seeing this, I wondered why people thought so highly of her and how she managed to fool everyone even though it was so obvious that she was only as good as her awful, awful manners.

I didn’t see Mrs. White after that. I just heard that months after that, her company was in huge debt and they were forced to make cuts. Mrs. White was the first one to get sacked. While her friends and colleagues claimed that they were surprised with the decision, I know deep down inside they were thinking--- IT’S ABOUT TIME!

Unfortunately, I saw a lot of Mrs. White when she was unemployed. You would think that her experience would actually humble her in any way. But no--- she became worse. The white trash in her was unleashed. Because she didn’t have any money or career that could cover up all her insecurities and shortcomings, people saw right through her quickly. She would lash out at anyone who didn’t agree with her, other people’s success were a problem and she saw everyone as a threat to her and what’s left of her miserable life. Her childish antics and immaturity was also so obvious that it was already very awkward to be around her. There is no logic to what she’s thinking anymore. Her career and life decisions were always an epic fail even before she started any.

I knew Mrs. White had a problem with me for whatever reason. In fact, she tried to pick several fights with me, but I didn’t bother saying anything. Of course for her, this was a affirmation that she’s right and I am wrong. But the thing is, there is no point arguing with these type of people. I know that she doesn’t realize that what she’s going through right now is not enough punishment for her arrogance and ill-nature. But until to this day, she hasn’t learned her lesson. She’s digging her grave deeper and deeper until she reaches her mother land which is hell. I could go on and on about her funny, pathetic and “OMG-she-did-not-just-do-that antics“, but she might figure out that I am talking about her now. And admittedly, I am seriously scared of people like her who have nothing more to lose in their lives because they can freely and truly mess up everyone else’s.

My point of sharing this story: Fake it until you make it will never work. People are not as dumb as you think they are. Thank God Mrs. White was never a part of my life, but she made me thinking about people. And this is one of the reasons why I’m undergoing my Detox-- get rid of those dirty toxins and start fresh. From haram to halal, I’m choosing my meat well. I’m starting to choose the people in my life well.

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