Friday, April 16, 2010

Nerf for the Big Boys

Hand it to the freakishly brilliant Japanese to come up with technology that can make life much, much easier for mankind.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Blow Job Machine.

I wasn't actually surprised when I stumbled upon this. Heck, I was actually glad that finally, men actually realized that women do not want to do this for you!!! Not as much as you want them too, anyway. Which is every five minutes.

The good thing about the BJM is the controller. It has the slow/fast setting and it comes with different attachments that you can stick into the nozzle depending on your width, girth or what you fancy.

I'm actually surprised that the sex market rarely makes products for the pleasure of men. With all those whips, dildo's and freak machines available for the ladies, boys don't have much toys to play with.

Think about it! Is it because boys find these toys weird and emasculating? But it still doesn't make any sense because boys have more needs compared to girls. And boys who are in heat will DEFINITELY do something about it, no matter what the price is, with or without a partner. They just have too!

Or, ooohhh... (light bulb!) is it because women rarely get what they really want out of a man and there is a need for technology to intervene to satisfy their needs? The facts are there. The ratio between men and women's sex contraptions is 2, at best, to a thousand. Look it up. But GI Joe's to Barbie's are pretty much the same based on quantity and variety. So you can't say that boys don't like to play with dolls. They do, too. 

I just answered my question. A+ for pure brilliance!


  1. The solution is simple, leave it to the gay guys to do this! Gosh... No need to invest on a toy...